Big Berkey Outdoor Water Filter

Black Berkey Outdoor Water Filter Stainless Steel

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Medium-size outdoor water filter with a 8,5 liter reservoir. You will receive a set of 2 original Black Berkey filter elements and a durable universal stainless steel filter housing.

Choose your tap:
  • Standard ABS tap
  • Deluxe stainless steel tap


Setting up the Berkey Black Outdoor Filter takes less than 5 minutes. In case of an emergency this outdoor filter can be used almost instantly. The size and quality of the stainless steel housing is identical to the Big Berkey gravity filter.

The Berkey Black can be easily taken along during travel and hiking. The filter housing consists of two stainless steel containers. For convenient and compact transportation the two parts can be nested to reduce the height of the unit.

Black Berkey Big outdoor water purifiers require almost no maintenance. It suffices to regularly empty the water reservoirs to clean the interior of the filter housing and to scrub clean the filter elements.

Operation mode:

Gravity. Berkey outdoor water purifiers operate without water pressure and electricity.


  • Heavy metals
  • Chlorine and chemicals
  • Trihalomethanes, pesticdes and medicin residues
  • Bacteria and viruses
  • Sediment, sand and rust particles

Click on this link for the Black Berkey filter specifications.

Options for additional purification:

Add Berkey PF2 post filtration elements to reduce Fluoride and Arsenic.

Product Details

Operating mode
Filter housing
Stainless Steel
Trihalomethanes, Pesticides, Heavy metals, Chlorine, Bacteria, Sediment
Storage capacity clean water (liter)
Weight (Kg)
Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Filtration speed with 2 filter elements (liter/hour)
Default included filter elements
Maximum number of installable filter elements
Filter change after (liter/element)
Filter change after (months)

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