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Doulton Filtadapt Countertop water filter

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The Doulton Filtadapt is a contemporary counter top drinking water filter system with a 360 degree swivel spout. This system requires minimal counter space and is connected to your faucet via a diverter valve. The Filtadapt accepts 10" Doulton ceramic filter candles.

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Enjoy pure, clean, safe cooking and drinking water on tap

Product Highlights

  • 360⁰ Swivel Spout: Versatile positioning on the counter
  • Top Loading Candle: Easy Access to candle
  • Minimum Footprint: Space saving modern shape streamlined for easy cleaning
  • Bayonet Construction: easy quarter turn access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Variety of Filter Elements: To solve most common water contamination issues
  • Push-Fit Fittings: Adjustable length tubing
  • No Plumbing required: connected to the tap via a diverter valve

The Doulton Filtadapt drinking water filter is made of foodgrade polypropyleen. The filter housing is fit with a ceramic Doulton Ultracarb filter element. The Ultracarb filter removes chlorine, chemicals and heavy metals from you drinking water. By combining several filtration media in one filter element, the Doulton Filtadapt offfers a compact filter housing and makes changing your filter easy because you will only need to exchange one filterelement.

Optionally, you can choose to have the Filtadapt delivered with a limescale reduction filter, the Doulton Ultracarb SI candle.

With normal use, the Doulton ceramic filter candles last for 6 months before a filter change is recommended.

Product Details

Operating mode
Pressurized mains
Filter housing
Heavy metals, Chlorine, Bacteria, Sediment
Weight (Kg)
Height (cm)
Filtration speed with 1 filter element (liter/min)
Default included filter elements
Anzahl Benutzer (recommended) x
Filter change after (liter/element)
Filter change after (months)

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