Important information. Please take note that we offer you only high quality products that are safe to use.

However, we do not accept any responsibility and liablity for any loss, damage or other problems that may occur due to your using of drinking water filters. Although the filters may reduce many contaminants by 99% or more, this means that there may still be a part of the contaminants left in the water after filtration. Depending on the quality of the source water, this may still be a dose that is unsafe for your health.

Therefore, you should always make sure to use the best possible source of water available. Preferably, clean and clear water. Also you should take all possible measures to pre-filter or remove any visible contaminants from the source water before filtrating it. Further, you should try to avoid using water from muddy, obscure and brownish sources.

Filter elements have to be replaced in time, according to the manufacturers directions and guidelines. Also you need to maintain and regularly clean both the filter elements and the filter housing to ensure optimum operating conditions.

If you mind these precautions, you may actively improve the performance of your drinking water filter.