Tapwater in Germany and the Netherlands ranks amongst the most clean drinking water on earth. This does not mean that our tapwater is completely clean and safe. Water treatment facilities do their best to provide us with safe drinkingwater. Due to increased environmental pollution, it becomes ever more difficult to effectively purify our water.

Recent studies show that tapwater is contaminated with traces of chemicals, heavy metals, hormones and medicine. Further, water travels a long way before it flows from your tap. In the ducts, both inside and outside your house, the water can again be contaminated with rust, lead, scale and bacteria. We advise you to use a waterfilter. This way, your water is once again purified and ensures you that you can enjoy sparkling soft clean water.

In case you wish to not use a waterfilter, please try -especially in the morning- to let the water run for a few minutes, before using it. This ensures you that you use `fresh`water from the main duct. Otherwise you will take water that stood still in your ducts for hours. This increases the chance of polluted water.

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