Outdoor water filters during your travels

While traveling, clean and safe drinking water is not always available. As an alternative for bottled water from the supermarket, you can use an outdoor water filter. It will provide you with safe drinking water and you will not need to carry a stock of water bottles with you.

Due to environmental contamination it is not advisable to drink water straight from rivers, streams and other sources. Also microorganisms like Legionella, Giardia and Cryptosporidium are often found in water in nature. Drinking untreated water may lead to discomfort and serious illnesses.

With an outdoor water filter a wide range of contaminants may be removed or reduced from your source water. This ensures you of safe drinking water.

Water filters for emergencies

During disasters and in emergency situations, safe drinking water may not always be at your disposal. Certainly in the case of flooding, ample supply of drinking water is not ensured. When emergency situations last longer, other water sources like bottles from the supermarket run out fast. An outdoor water filter will be of great value at such times.

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