Filter elements for drinking water filters

For the best result, replace your water filter elements in time!

Oakland Well Nano Pure Gravity filter element

The Oakland Well Nano Pure Gravity filter element has an outer shell of high-quality active carbon made from coconuts. Inside the filter element a hollow fibre core with 0.1 micron pores provides a second filtration stage. The Oakland Well Nano Pure filter element reduces micro plastics, medicine residues, endocrine disrupting substances, chlorine and...

Doulton Ultra Fluoride filter

High capacity ceramic filter candle that reduces naturally occurring and added fluoride from drinking water. Also reduces heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria and sediment. Doulton Ultra Fluoride filter candles are only suitable for use in gravity filters like the British Berkefeld SS gravity outdoor water filter.

British Berkefeld Sterasyl 7" Water Filter Candle

Ceramic water filter candle for British Berkefeld gravity filters. Reduces particles, cysts and bacteria in your drinking water. One sterasyl filter candle can produce up to 10.00 liters of safe drinking water.

Black Berkey Filter Elements

Black Berkey filter elements are made of silver impregnated carbon. By adding silver, bacteria can not grow inside the filter. Therefore, Black Berkey filter elements can be used for a long time.

MSR Hyperflow replacement filter

Replacement filter for the MSR Hyperflow. This Hollow-Fiber-Membran (HFM) filter element is effective against bacteria, protozoa and particles in the water. Can reach a flowrate of up to 3 liters per minute.

Berkey Sight Glass Spigot 7.5"

With the sight glass spigot you can see directly how much clean water your Big Berkey or British Berkefeld gravity filter contains. 19 cm model, 7,5 inch.

Oakland Well Black Gravity filter element

The Oakland Well Black Gravity filter element consists of a carbon block shell of high-quality activated carbon from coconuts with a minimum pore size of 0.9 microns. This filter element reduces microplastics, chlorine and chemicals. It also blocks sand, sediment, cysts and bacteria. Fits in all stainless steel gravity filters from Berkey, British...
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