Drinking Water Filters for use in your kitchen

Drinking Water Filters for use in your kitchen

Enjoy great tasting water stragiht from your kitchen tap. Pure water for a perfect cup of tea. With a Doulton drinking water filter, you can purify your tap water. The Doulton filters can remove chlorine, chemicals, limescale and even bacteria. Your tap water will be pure and clean and you will notice the difference when drinking coffee or tea, or when you are cooking. Doulton water filters provide you with multi-stage filtration by using only one ceramic water filter element. You will enjoy the benefit of having a compact housing, and you will only need to replace one filter element, twice per year. Doulton water filters contain a ceramic water filter candle. The ceramic candle is made of natural materials and is 100% environmently friendly. Ceramic filter candles retain the minerals in the water that are beneficial for your health.

Doulton HCPS Auftisch Trinkwasserfilter

Der Doulton HCPS Trinkwasserfilter ist extrem einfach zu installieren und zu deinstallieren, wodurch es portabel wird und daher die ideale Lösung für Personen ist, die regelmäßig umziehen. Erhältlich mit zwei verschiedenen Filterkombinationen: Vorfilter + Ultracarb- oder Ultracarb SI-Kalkfilter + Nitratfilter

Doulton HCP Countertop water filter

The Doulton HCP drinking water filter can be easily connected to your kitchen tap. The filter housing is light-weight and compact and can therefore be easily brought with you during your travels.

Doulton Filtadapt Countertop water filter

The Doulton Filtadapt is a contemporary counter top drinking water filter system with a 360 degree swivel spout. This system requires minimal counter space and is connected to your faucet via a diverter valve. The Filtadapt comes complete with one 10" Doulton BioTect Ultra ceramic filter candle.

Doulton Push-fit DIY Install Kit

Complete DIY Install Kit for Doulton under sink filters. With T-splitter for optional connection to seperate filtered water tap.
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