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Big Berkey Outdoor Water Filter
Outdoor Water Filters

Big Berkey Outdoor Water Filter

Medium-size outdoor water filter with a 8,5 liter reservoir. The Big Berkey can hold up to 4 filter candles simultaneously. Produces sufficient drinking water for daily use by a whole family.
British Berkefeld HFK drinkwaterflter voor noodsituaties British Berkefeld HFK drinkwaterflter voor noodsituaties 2
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Outdoor Water Filters

British Berkefeld HFK gravity water filter

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The British Berkefeld HFK water filter has been developed to filter drinking water in places where there is no water supply. The British Berkefeld HFC water filter works without running water and without electricity. The water to be filtered is poured into the top tank. The water is filtered through ceramic filter elements and then collected in the lower...
Outdoor Water Filters

Water filter for Land Rover & Camper British Berkefeld HBA MKII

British Berkefeld
For reliable, safe drinking water when you are en route or off road. When the British Berkefeld HBA MKII is built into a car or motorhome, an additonal pump is required to generate adequate water pressure. This drinking water filter can also be installed inside your home.
Filter elements for drinking water filters

Doulton Ultra Fluoride filter

High capacity ceramic filter candle that reduces naturally occurring and added fluoride from drinking water. Also reduces heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria and sediment. Doulton Ultra Fluoride filter candles are only suitable for use in gravity filters like the British Berkefeld SS gravity outdoor water filter.

Water Filter Blog:

Water filters for in your kitchen

Water filters for in your kitchen

Doulton drinking water filters are connected to your faucet or to your water mains. These filters provide you with clean, safe drinking water. Notice the difference when drinking coffee or tea and while cooking. read more
Outdoor Water Filters

Outdoor Water Filters

British Berkefeld and Berkey outdoor water filters provide you with safe, clean drinking water at home and outdoors. These gravity filters operate without water pressure and without electricity. read more
Water: Source of Life.

Water: Source of Life.

A drinking water filter is your own source of pure, safe water in your own home. A water filter removes harmful contaminants like lime, chlorine and heavy metals  from your drinking water. read more

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