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Water Filter Blog

Water: Source of Life. 2015-03-09 18:03:31

Water: Source of Life.

A drinking water filter is your own source of pure, safe water in your own home. A water filter removes harmful contaminants like lime, chlorine and heavy metals from your drinking water....

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Outdoor Water Filters 2015-03-09 17:59:41

Outdoor Water Filters

British Berkefeld and Berkey outdoor water filters provide you with safe, clean drinking water at home and outdoors. These gravity filters operate without water pressure and without electricity....

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Water filters for in your kitchen 2015-03-09 17:54:30

Water filters for in your kitchen

Doulton drinking water filters are connected to your faucet or to your water mains. These filters provide you with clean, safe drinking water. Notice the difference when drinking coffee or tea and while cooking....

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